Why Hipsters Just Might Save Romance

I recently interviewed a lovely lady for my local newspaper who was organizing our hometown’s upcoming Christmas celebration. She noted regretfully how children no longer experience the thrill of looking […]

Learning to Love Summer

I distinctly remember the summer immediately following my graduation from college. It was my first such season without academic bookends marking a restful reprieve from “real” work. I’d had summer […]

Defending Men Who Want to Woo

Feminism has achieved its most evil feat to date: causing Henry Cavill, the quintessence of masculine beauty, to fear flirting, lest he be accused of something more sinister. In today’s […]

The Rise of Generation Me(h)

There exists a prevailing notion that Millennials in general are boring. As a member, myself, of the generation born between 1980 and 2000, I can attest that this belief is […]