Coming Home to Coal Country

This winter, I went back to the woods. The backwoods. My homeland is in Central Pennsylvania, and I returned to celebrate Christmas with the family and to help out with […]

An Afternoon of Cowboys

My friend Fred Crane told me the Dubois, Idaho rodeo would be like “nothing [I’d] ever seen before.” Driving the hour-and-a-half it takes to get to the 670-person town from […]

The Idaho Sporting Life

Making leisure an art form The air is crisp and cool and the sunshine hot. All is silent and still, except for the indistinct, whirring buzz of distant insects doing […]

An Ode to Coziness

For anyone not living near a ski resort, this is the worst time of year. Christmas is by now a distant memory, except for some mocking reminders that arrive in […]

Hot Yoga on a Cold Day

I just experienced my first hot yoga class. Either that or I joined a cult. I walked into my friendly neighborhood Birkam studio and was told by the shirtless yogi at […]

Champagne in the Sunshine

The annual Annapolis Cup, held last month, pits against one another two unlikely foes: the St. John’s College “Johnnies” and the U.S. Naval Academy “Mids.” The croquet challenge that ensues […]

The Murmuring 2000s

The thought of watching a polo match in the twilight of a fading summer’s day while turned-out in the sort of attire that made Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age girls come and […]

A Virginia Foxhunt

The spirit of a too-late Friday night is still coursing through my veins early on the first Saturday of November as I drive east into the Virginia countryside for my […]